How to Incorporate Animal Prints - It's Always Trendy?

Welcome to the first blog post of "What Are You Wearing?"  This blog started off as a Facebook Live on Tha1 Media/Radio and now N-V-Us Fashions is bringing news, how to videos and much more via the blog, it just seemed a great fit to keep the same name for The Blog as for the live feed.

Today's post is about animal print and how I love it!  I love animal print so much, that it's in a lot of pieces in my wardrobe.  While deciding what to talk about first and praying for ideas, the idea of talking about animal print came after I wore a cotton animal print dress to church and there were several sisters with the same idea but worn differently and different styles.  Ask any fashionista and I bet they have at least one piece that's animal print.  If you don't - try it, you just might like it!

Animal prints come in lots of varied styles, from an entire ensemble to simple pieces that can incorporate it and guess what - it goes with anything!  Animal prints date back to the 18th century, when skins of animals were reproduced on fabric.  If you are afraid of the print, start small, but if you love it, stack it up!  I wore a cowl neck cotton pocket dress with fringed ankle boots - body to toe animal print!  The prints are usually neutrals, brown, black or beige.  However, anything goes from zebra to tiger.  Whether in true print of animal skin or color (dyed) fabrics - its still considered animal print.  If the print is "wild" all its own, pair it with a solid print or sleek lines, like a jacket over a sheath dress or tapered pant. Shoes, scarfs anything goes.  I wish I could find those animal print Dolce glasses Cardi B wore with her animal print ensemble, so if you know where I can snag a pair, drop a comment.  :)

It is also made into jewelry, as shown in the Premier necklace with a subtle touch of print.  This necklace incorporates a shiny triangular shell with animal print coloring surrounded by bling and turquoise stones.  Therefore, don't be afraid of these prints, start small if new to including these prints into your wardrobe, but if you are like me and love them, go for it from head to toe!

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