Our next event -

January 26, 2022  - Brick at Blue Star

Dreamweek 2022 Event - this is our second one - third one February 4th, 2022 - Brick at Blue Star - will post that flyer - or check out our social media for information.

See the video link from the 5th Annual Fundraiser on our Facebook page and yeah - we met the goal!  Thank you to those who donated.

  Did you know we offer - Alterations, Gifting, Local Delivery, Private Fashion events, In Home Fashion shopping? 


What is it? It's a private personal shopping session, bring some friends or just shop by yourself,  - browse, try on, order, purchase.  Schedule a time on a date listed for that month and come on over to my "castle".  Light refreshments. 

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Via Messenger if on Facebook or via phone or the Contact Us page located at the bottom of the website.  

Thank you for your business!