2021 Fashion

Written by: Stephanie Nious 

2021 Fashion Trends

It’s been over a year that the world embraced indoor fashions only. Many took to wearing their pajamas, workout apparel, joggers, house coats, leggings, and T-shirts just to name a few options. There were many individuals that substituted the complete business attire outfit with dressing up, just enough to be seen via their computer screens waist up. Pumps, heels, dress shoes, and the infamous over the knee boots were pushed aside, under the bed, in the back of the closet, or just out of sight.

The looks that designer’s have labeled 2021 Fall trends have taken their inspirations from almost every decade. You have the freedom to wear your favorite colors, textures, and wardrobe pieces so many different ways. This month we're going to explore a few trends. Remember fashion is art and art is freedom.

The trends:
1. Pop of color- this retro style is a way to brighten up your outfit with the colors orange, green, fuchsia, and yellow. You can style these outfits up or down. To complete your look put on a pair of sneakers, flats, boots, or pop of color can be added with your accessories, scarves, as well as your shoes.

2. Neutral Co-Ord Sets- this trend has been around for a while. Neutrals are classic in the fashion industry.
This fashion trend allows you to pair soft tones together. It’s a timeless style that will always look chic and
sophisticated. If you enjoy a pop of color add a rich color matching purse and shoe set.

3. Large Floral Prints- the 90’s and 2000’s clothing styles were known for this signature look. Pair a skirt or pants in a similar matching shade of the floral print. This trend will uplift ones mood and allow you to look gorgeous.

4. Pastel colors are everywhere - this Fall season is all about looking chic and comfortable with very little effort. Have you ever thought about a lavender shirt paired with a lemon colored skirt or pants? You can mix and match different shades and hues of color to add dimension to your outfit. This trend also allows you the freedom to play with different patterns and textures.

Trends in the fashion industry are often birthed on runways from New York to Paris with many stops in between. More fashion trends are just a touch away. If your fashion motivation was not discovered today know that this is just the surface of our 2021 trends. There are designer collaboration collection also. Many designers are using environmental friendly fabrics. The fashion industry received a spark of life during the pandemic. The time spent at home allowed our artistic sides to soar.

N-V-Us Fashions & Boutique enjoys allowing our customers the opportunity to hit their own personal runway in your living room, drive way, or wherever your heart desires. Tip your hat. Spread your butterfly wings. You have been touched today by Styles from the Stoop by Stephanie.

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