A New Year!

This morning as I viewed my site analytics and attempted to "re" set up the printer - had the cable company come out and look at the internet connections, which resulted in a new modem, hence re-setup the printer - anyway, while doing that and thinking about my site, I asked myself, "what are you going to do about the Blog?"  I decided I'm going to continue to write on the website, but strive for consistency, starting in February.  Hey!  It's just the 2nd month of the year.  This blog is reflection - A New Year.  I asked myself this morning, "what's the topic going to be"  Reviews - getting website reviews.  I opened up an old file just to see what was in it and found an old supplier listed first in the file.  Clicked their link - "We Are Closed"  They sold church suits, you know the kind that have the matching hat, the quality, high end great brands.  They had been selling these suits since 1986.  They had reviews listed on their site - which gave me an idea - but what happened?  I took that line of thinking because when checking out my analytics - the traffic is coming, but they are not all buying - why?  Maybe its because they don't see any reviews, they cannot determine if anyone else is buying, because they don't see anyone talking about it.  Well this is a topic and a request I guess.  If you happen to be reading this Blog and you have made a purchase, at any time, from N-V-Us Fashions and Boutique, write a review.  Online confidence is built somewhat by reviews.  I truly don't think it matters how much social media........well maybe it does matter.  However, social media influence is critical, but I think confidence is more crucial and reviews build confidence, so leave a review, if it hasn't been a habit - start leaving reviews when one purchases online.  It's breadcrumbs....we're all lost in this virtual world on who's real, who's fake, what's legit, what's not.  N-V-Us is a real company, with real issues and challenges, but attempting to bring quality, unique and trendy styles to its patrons, so next time, please leave a review!  xoxo
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