Changing The Process

Well we are well into being "out of sorts" right now.  It's been almost five (5) months since we have been officially a "pandemic" society.  Initially, the thought was - what next.  However, to my surprise online sales have remained steady and I thank our loyal shoppers and our new shoppers for that.  It did change some things.  Shipments have been backlogged bad, so the approach has been to have the majority of the stock, on hand, for easier shipments.  That being said, alot had to change, space to store inventory.  Remember N-V-Us is online only!  Needless to say, the office is now a mini-warehouse.  Also, annually in June we conduct our Annual fundraiser that benefits The Alzheimer's Association's "The Longest Day" campaign, bringing awareness to the caregivers and the disease.  Well with the pandemic there could be no more than 10 people AND social distancing needed to be practiced.  Well, this year the first annual event was held virtually via Facebook Premiere.  It worked out, barring a few audio issues, but the annual event will never be the same, even once we return to The Dominion.  Therefore, as a business, change is always inevitable, but should be non-disruptive to the customer and possibly an improvement.  I think that has been the blessing in this - faster shipping, local delivery and virtual events.  Things may never go back to the same, but N-V-Us plans to continue to provide you the best service possible on the most fabulous fashions possible.  Stay safe, stay humble, show love and remember - U Don't Just Look Good - U Look N-V-Us!
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I love and appreciate your online store your merchandise is wonderful!
Deborah Wedley
I am extremely grateful for your online store and the refreshing retail therapy you provide. I simply have yet to have an item from your merchandise that I have not loved; the styles and variety of fabrics are fabulous I am always promting your brand wherever I go and at every chance (th I give out your buisness cards and send links to your website becausse: (#1 Ilove you my sister friend(#2) I try to support good & professional Black business owners especially women Nothing is ever perfect but I really appreciate your store I pray continued success and blessings And I will continue shopping with you Love your merch!!
Deborah Wedley

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