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Well it's April and most of the world is on lockdown from Covid-19.  Many individuals are unemployed, under-employed or working from home, if possible.  I thought I would continue on the Transparency Pt 2 for this month's Blog, but decided I would instead talk about why one would chose a Boutique over a box store and how the virus has changed the N-V-Us landscape of doing business.  For starters, Boutiques are traditionally a more personal shopping experience, the owner may know most of the customers, however in today's virtual world that is not typically the case. Shoppers can find unique products and things that are not in abundance, meaning there probably aren't 100 of the same dress in one location or scattered among many locations.  Boutiques tend to offer, smaller quantities of items, i.e. 6 dresses in one style versus hundreds.  Many are small, individual owned establishments.  Some are online only, some provide the versatility of a storefront and online, which brings me to Covid-19.  Many storefronts have seen a drop in business with the lockdowns, however, if an online presence is provided, things can continue without much interruption. The key is to stay in front of your customers, keep them engaged and upgrade your strategy.  N-V-Us has a new website look, if you are looking for a particular item - just click the Collection, i.e. you want a purse - choose Accessories - instead of clicking Shop Now.  Now we want you to browse because one just might find the perfect dress for that purse.  :)   Also added are customer testimonials.  N-V-Us continues to send updates via email and now one can shop by appointment also, in person.  Well, enjoy and remember, we all are experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic differently, be emphathetic and show love!  Stay home - Shop online - be safe.   Happy Shopping!


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