Fashion Minus the Norm

     If there is one freedom that everyday style has made profound the past few years, it’s the freedom from strict rules for fashion.   Style is no longer rigid with boxed boundaries.  Remember hearing, “that is not your body type, sneakers can not be formal (some cost over $200), you should not mix patterns, and it’s not fashionable to mix different cultures of fashion.”
     Style freedom is greatly being influenced by our community, lifestyle influencers, designers, and stylist.  These individuals are breaking every rule in the game called fashion.  Trends are not looks we just copy, they allow one the freedom of self expression.  One can now wear sneakers with a formal outfit, or wear clashing colors.  One can leave the norm of using the color wheel to connect shades.  Just pick out what you would like to wear and wear it - confidently. 
     We are living at a time where classic looks and trends coexist.  The freedom lies in that one can wear whatever is desired.  Remember to wear your outfits with confidence.  All that's needed is confidence to do what is desired and not worry about what others say concerning your fashion concepts.  There is always going to be business wear, church attire, clubbing style, street wear, gothic fashion, and society advising us what not to wear because of your body type.   
Are you brave enough to mix styles?
      Breaking the stereotypical view of how one should dress is truly a weight lifting experience, for many.  Is there truly a right way of dressing?  Wear what you like. 
Wear what makes your heart dance and puts confidence in your stride.  The age old rules no longer apply.  Remember fashion is not just about the clothes you wear.  Fashion is art, passion fueled creativity, and self expression. 
       Spread your butterfly wings.  Uncage the designer within yourself⁰.  Today you have been touched by Styles from the Stoop by Stephanie.
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You are right Fashion is Art I’ve loved clothes and colors since I was young I not a petite person but Round , Brown and Beautiful and deserve to represent my statue what class and color

Margie Griffin

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