Getting Back To The Basics

One of the hardest sections in our closets is our basics.  They are simple items, like neutral tees and classic knits.  These items act as the foundational elements in our wardrobes.  You can easily match and mix the basic element with other trendier items to create a well balanced look.  There are actually a few basics that are considered to be the handiest items for our specific wardrobes.  These items are basics that we routinely wear repeatedly and they essentially never give up, thanks to their versatile nature.  Are you intrigues and looking to mix in a few basics into your style rotation?  Let's take a look at some of the items that stylist swear by.


You can wear a basic white tee alot.  Many stylist believe it seems to solve many fashion dilemnas.  Whether its underneath a chic blazer, paired with jeans , sweats or with a skirt. 


Black pants may seem to be a boring basic item, however the benefit is that you can wear them for years.  You are afforded the opportunity to dress them up or down.  They are in investment therefore, purchase a quality pair.


No matter how many new shoe trends designers produce, stylist seem to always go back to the black ankle boots.  They are classic and have a sleek look to them.  The most important part is they are comfortable or make sure yours are.  :)  You can wear them throughout the year with everything from pants, jeans and skirts.  These are an investment for sure!  Do your homework before purchasing a quality pair that will walk your through all seasons.


A quality comfy sweatshirt is more or less a daily staple, especially since the Covid pandemic sent many to work from home.  You can team your oversized sweatshirt with a jacket for Fall.  It also allows you comfort and self expression.


A dress shirt, button shirt, button up shirt and buttoned shirt or shirt with a collar - or whatever term one may use.  These are a few of the names one may call this item.  This type shirt was created by polo players in England to keep their collars in place while they rode horses.  Getting dressed can feel like a tiny tug of war between the desire to be comfortable and the desire to feel human while looking presentable.  Pair this shirt with a statement piece of jewelry to make it a look that is all your own.  

These basic essential clothing items are a strong foundation of timeless pieces that can be paired with almost anything in your closet.  When shopping it is fun to snatch up something everyone wants to wear at the moment.  When buying trendy items after a period of time they may become less popular or start to seem dated.  This is why, when it comes to building a great wardrobe, one should invest in basic pieces that will never go out of style.  Today you have been touched by "Styles from the Stoop by Stephanie"  Hope you enjoyed reading this piece and it helps update your wardrobe basics.  :)

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