Merry May - Transparency Pt. 2

Oooh I was preparing and thinking about what to discuss in this month's Blog it came back to "transparency".  This month on the 25th day of the month, N-V-Us Fashions and Boutique will celebrate, God willing, 10 years in business.  It's been one heck of a journey, but its still fun!  As long as it remains fun, I'm in it for the long haul.  This journey was great and fast initially, but I was truly disconnected from the hard work required.  I was too caught up in all the new fun things and excitement of activities, that when I decided I needed to also run my business, it was in disarray.  I was galavanting all over the US and left things to others.  Well it was definitely time to regroup, but as mentioned in a previous Blog, the regroup should have had a strategy.  I threw that out the window, but God.  The industry was moving away from brick and mortar and so online was a good fit, but there was alot to learn about that channel and still learning!  N-V-Us has been offered and exposed to some great ideas, that were not acted on and they aren't recoverable, (ie mobile, daily Pop Up, etc) but what was learned is to keep moving forward, keep offering a great product, keep having fun, watch your numbers, books and analytics, they don't lie!  These are things, I decided, a degree had equipped me for, but my brain checked out, but God.  So May 25th, 2020, N-V-Us will celebrate and be thankful and continue to strive towards growth, brand recognition and all those other things a business is supposed to do, while also engaging, providing solutions and options for women via an online shopping channel.  Once the Covid-19 is remedied, sooner than later hopefully, N-V-Us will resume doing Pop Up shops again, miss seeing all the beautiful faces and hearing the reviews/compliments first hand.  Until then, stay safe and continue to love one another and happy shopping!
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