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I began this months Blog post and had it completed and lost it in its entirety.  Well that is the state of this month.  This Blog is just random things, first the first post was lost - operator error - and this second one is "let's see what I remember".  Well we are (7) seven months into the pandemic if one counts from Spring break (Texas) or (9) months if one counts from January.  I cannot say that it has hurt business.  I'm actually thankful to God and loyal customers and the new customers acquired on this journey.  People are online, they are shopping, from the work at home, to after the quarantine was removed, online shopping has been good.  I was working at the PC on some upcoming items and realized the 11th is tomorrow and I did not have a Blog post ready.  The first thought was to look back at some topics I had jotted down, then I decided to just come from the heart.  It's been quite eye opening and N-V-Us continues to strive to grow.  A new topic is Devoted - the DVTD link on the website -  being an Affiliate of Devoted allows access for customer to shop on the Marketplace.  There are things from pillowcases to coffee, clothing to Yeti style tumblers to socks to jewelry....you name it - the Marketplace has something for everyone.  Then I thought about the new product offering for 2021, the subtle web changes, upcoming shoot with Brand Ambassador Stephanie.  Lots of things going on BTS at N-V-Us Fashions as the work continues to bring quality clothing that transcend trends and become closet staples for years to come.  Again, thank you to all our customers that shop online the new and the Day 1's!  Stay safe and check out the upcoming Donna Vinci Fall collection, new Fall products from faux leather to Blinging denim!  The sale is on Spring/Summer items until gone and discounts codes can be used on sale merchandise.  

Happy shopping and mask up!

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