The Longest Day - June 21

Hello online peeps!  This month the blog will change weekly.  I hope that I can encourage you to join the fight to find a cure and to also bring awareness to this illness.  For the past three years N-V-Us Fashions and Boutique has held a fashion event that raises awareness of Alzheimer's disease and those who are caring for individuals that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  In this monthly blog I will also highlight some of the designers that will participate in this event, as well as bring facts that one may not be aware of around Alzheimer's disease and the Alzheimer's Association of South Texas.  Also if you are local, join us in the fight and come out to the event, being held again at the beautiful Dominion Country Club!  To start off the first blog post is about the campaign that got N-V-Us started in the cause - The Longest Day.  Before I start, my father-n-law lost his battle with Alzheimer's and my aunt is currently living with the disease.  The Longest Day is the summer solstice - June 21st.  On this day, the one with the longest daylight, people across the globe will participate in fundraising activities.  When one is a caregiver of a patient with the diagnosis, there is no 8 hour shift, its continuous - hence the "longest day".  N-V-Us chose to join the fight in doing something we love - showcasing fashions.  This allows fundraising and allows celebration of those caregivers.  Stories are shared, information provided and funds raised to aid in awareness campaigns and research.  Want to join?  You can join a team - join our team by doing an activity you love to raise awareness of this cause.  Go online to -> to learn more or join the cause.  We have a team formed - The Fabulous Fashion Show -  or if you need information drop a comment on this blog or on our "Contact Us" page.  Next week - highlights of one of the Designers participating in the cause this year - Ize Colina of Electric Moda Boutique! 

This month - What Are You Wearing? -  #causes and #awareness - Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia, a general term for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life.  Alzheimer's disease accounts for 60-80% of dementia cases. (Excerpt from

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