The Longest Day - Part 2

Sorry that I'm running an entire week behind, but as a result, I've combined two weeks together, for that I apologize.  I think it's worth the read though.  :)

For the fundraiser portion and to say something about The Longest Day - awareness is key.  Awareness that when caring for an individual diagnosed with alzheimer's or dementia and 8 hour day isn't the normal work day.  Then I decided to see what was on and this is what it said under the "tell your story" section - could not have said it better.

"On June 21, I'm doing what I love by all those affected by Alzheimer's disease.  I'm participating in The Longest Day, a fundraising event to advance the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.  

Today over 35 million people across the world are living with alzheimer's, including more than 5 million Americans. In the U.S. alone more than 15 million caregivers generously donate themselves to those with alzheimer's and dementia.  We must take action now or these numbers will continue to rise. 

Together we can show those facing alzheimer's disease that they are not alone.  Please make a donation today to help the alzheimer's association support all those facing the disease."

What am I doing?  Well that's what I'm about to tell you.  I'm doing a fashion show.  These events are hectic to put together and this year is no different.  This year we have added more fashions, from varying designers and N-V-Us Fashions.  Electric Moda and LL Designs, a Division of Layla's Loft have partnered up to bring a "Rainbow of Fashions" to the runway for a cause.  I've attached some pics from the 2018 event!  Enjoy and join us.  Check out our "Event" Page for ticket link!

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