Transparency - ? - is it in Fashion

The question mark denotes, I'm not sure if that's what this will convey, but that's this story topic, but we'll see.  Maybe the title should read: Is Transparency in Fashion. Starting the Blog as an extension of the website was initially something I thought the site should have.  Why?  I had seen it on some websites prior.  However, I'm not a writer, Blogger or otherwise, but I started putting information on how to wear some of the pieces, I did coordination of animal print etc.  For 2020, I wanted something different.  Fashion can be fickle and by that, in my opinion, its a up and down business.  That part, made me look at different directions for the business and I think I have a few.  What I've identified so far, is once you have an idea, map it out and if you need help mapping it out, get it. When I began N-V-Us Fashions and Boutique in 2010, I had a plan, but I didn't map it out.  In my opinion, I had enough money and I knew some people and I had a degree, I loved to shop, people complimented me on my attire, I got this!  I started a business plan and deserted it sometime after receiving a call that an appointment had been scheduled for me at the World Trade Center in Dallas.  I hadn't completed the summary or the strategic analysis, didn't have a marketing plan..."I know how to market!" - now I know where I can purchase product - Humph!  Got me a license, a name (thanks Dawna), asked my friend/stylist if I could use her salon on weekends to set up (thanks Lola)....let's go!  If I can find the photos, I'll post next month - my first boutique.  After all that, I still did not return to finish the business plan.  Guess what - I did have it, but I also didn't listen to alot of helpful information.  When one prays, God will always bless you, if you ask him, even when you mess it up. N-V-Us Fashions and Boutique has gone from a weekend only business to a mall - "boy I could sure do that different now" - to an online boutique and also a vendor.  I'm still having fun!  FYI - when its no longer fun, I'm going to move on to something else.  I still love fashion, I still have fun choosing items, I still get goosebumps when clients tell me about a style they purchased years ago, that they pull out in a pinch or just because, and still wear. Why?  It still looks good, its still in style and it still fits!  LOL!  There's more to come, the plan is in motion. I thank God and I thank my clients!   I decided this time I would complete the business plan - it can be an evolving living document - but I needed some help, because I don't know everything and my degree was Business Information Technology, but that's OK, with God's help, I got this!
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