Welcome! The Brand Ambassador

Well its June 2020 and what a six months of the year this has been.  Had the first "social distancing" birthday ever and hopefully the last.  This month I want to introduce the Brand Ambassador for N-V-Us Fashion & Boutique.  Her name is Stephanie Nious, but she goes by her stage name sometimes.  I just wanted someone else beside me...I know what I do and my role....but the "Face" - "Brand Ambassador" has worked well in the past, so why re-invent the wheel.  Without further discussion.  Stephanie "Fiiire" Nious is a recording artist, motivational speaker, model, praise dancer and actress.  She's a veteran of the US Army and retired nurse.  She is an advocate for removing the negative stigma attached to mental illness.  Her true greatest accomplishment is being the mother of four beautiful and amazing children.  They range in age  from 31 to 19.  You may also add the jewel of grandmother to her crown with seven grandsons and one granddaughter.  She volunteers as a soul friend at Haven for Hope which entails lending an ear to those in need and homeless.  No advice an be offered she just lets them know their important by listening to what they care to share.  This part of her like keeps her humble, grounded and grateful.  Her motto for life is - give and it shall be given to you.  To whom, much is given, much is required.  She has been bitten by life, but she has not been beaten.  Whew!  Pretty impressive I would say!  Later this year I may tell you how I met Stephanie, but it was destined, we just didn't know, she is by far a phenomenal addition to the "team" and I am truly excited...hope she opts to sign up again when her contract ends!  XOXO Stephanie...aka Fiiire!  Welcome!
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