The Pivot is Real!

Good morning or afternoon or evening - depends on when you are reading this!  In business one has to be ready and willing to change constantly.  I remember May 25, 2010 as if it was yesterday, I was starry eyed and excited, I was about to open my business.  I didn't have a name, just a concept, I had a few suppliers, three (3) to be exact, but I was going to sell shoes.  Then the first "pivot", my sister called with an invitation to go to Dallas Market as a guest of a wholesaler.  We went!  The boutique was official, four (4) suppliers and the product would be shoes and clothes.  We would be selling these products via Pop Up at local hair salons.  I had no idea how much work would go into loading and unloading, packing and unpacking clothing each week.  After two years, a store was the next "pivot" however, one should adjust or stick to the business plan....oh you don't have one....get one!  The business plan was to open several locations and things were going better than expected, but I got in my own way.  How?  I decided I would not do the Pop Up any longer and just run the physical location with occassional fashion events.  I should have continued the existing Pop Up and the physical store as planned.  After two years of the store and things not going as expected, I got frustrated, got in my own way again.  How?  As an entreprenuer I had not acquired the knowledge of let it rest, re-evaluate, then react.  I reacted and closed the store.  Went online only, now I also learned that God will fix our mistakes, when asked.  Here comes 2020 and every physical location is closed and online business is booming!  Things are going great, the plan is being executed, went back to contracting a Brand Ambassador and trucking right along.  During all this, learned a bit more about the social media side - still learning - got invited to several Fashion Weeks - things begin to open back up and a store front is needed.  Is it?  "Well sure, customers want to try on clothing and they may not want to come to a personal space."  Prayed and found it - we are opening a physical location again.  Well, go back and check that plan...."nah I got this!"  Two months after the move the sub-lessor loses the contract and the physical store is closed.  Next "pivot" - back to the personal shopping and Pop Ups.  I feel like God is telling me something here and I'm missing the point.  However, the bottom line - be willing to change (pivot) - be willing to collaborate - be open to unorthodox methods and keep pushing!  Have a great weekend.
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